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Happy Halloween!


Whether it be favorite treats or costumes, everyone has memories from their childhood Halloweens.  I thought I would wrap up Halloween 2011 by sharing a little bit about some memories from members of the Ginny’s Team.

“My sisters, cousins and I would go trick-or-treating out in my grandparents’ neighborhood every year. It was mainly houses but there was one apartment complex.  In an attempt to drain the entire neighborhood of all the candy, we would hit up the apartment building too.  One year there was this creepy man who opened the door holding a roll of ones.  He handed us each a dollar and said, “This is better than candy, isn’t it?” Looking back now we all wonder what he was doing with the cash, but as a little kid we just hit the jackpot.  We went back year after year looking for him, but never found him again…” – Lindsy, Graphic Designer

When Christy, Art Director, was a little girl, she dressed up as a big black spider.  Each of her eight legs was wearing one of her doll’s shoes.  She loved going to the lodge at the beach with her friends for their annual Halloween party but wasn’t a fan of her school nurse handing out apples and toothbrushes. J

“One year I made a “hungry ghost” costume. It was basically a sheet with holes for the arms, big drawn-on eyes with little eye cut-outs so I could see, and a BIG cut-out for a mouth with a pillowcase sewn inside. When I went trick-or-treating, I asked people to “feed me” by putting candy directly in the mouth! It was great—the only problem was I didn’t bring a spare bag for the candy, so it weighed down the costume!” – Brigitte, Copywriter

Our Campaign Manager, Christine, remembers her mom throwing great Halloween parties.  She would peel grapes for a bowl of “eyeballs” and make a batch of cold, wet spaghetti noodles for “worms” to go alongside the rest of Halloween goodies.

“Halloween was always my favorite holiday (after Christmas).  I had a really awesome witch costume that my mom had made for me, so it was much nicer than the store bought ones at the time.  She made me an orange wig with yarn sewn to a shower cap.  I always loved to run in the cool, dark evenings until my face got all prickly, and hurl myself behind bushes to get out of view.  (That was when we really did do tricks – but they were mild ones!)” – Ginny, President

Jacqui, Merchandising, liked going to an old schoolhouse near her house that had a costume party, contest and haunted house in the basement.

“I always remember at the end of the night my brother and I would come home and dump our candy into a pile on the floor and separate it out by types of candy. Then we would trade each other for our favorites.  My mom was a teacher so we always had to give her some to take to school. We’d give her the kinds we didn’t like. We had plastic pumpkins as our trick or treat containers, and we had to put them on top of the fridge where my mom could keep dibs on them, or else we’d eat it all right away!” – Kristen, Merchandising

We all hope you had a great Halloween. Be sure to share some memories you made this year on our Facebook page!

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