The 10-in-1 Everything Oven is one of our most popular kitchen products, beloved by testers and customers alike. Testers ran this oven through the ringer, cooking zucchini patties, 4 pounds of pork loin and two Cornish hens on the rotisserie, and steamed carrots and fried eggs on the griddle. The zucchini patties were crisp, the meat came out juicy and tender, and both the steamed carrots and eggs were perfectly done. They noted that the griddle cleans up nicely, and is a real plus to have on top of the oven. Other useful functions included the flexibility in controlling the heating elements, and the smoothly working rotisserie. The testers' Cornish hens turned out great! They also raved about its compact size and bright color options, making it a great appliance to leave sitting out on a counter while still being small enough to put inside a cabinet.