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For over 25 years, Ginny's free mail order catalogs have been dedicated to making life a little more fun and a little easier - striving to help you create those magical moments with family and friends. We're always on the lookout for new products and seasonal trends that help families stay connected and make our free catalogs by mail a fun shopping experience for the entire family. From kitchen cookware and cooking appliances to helpful housewares, make Ginny's your one-stop shop for everything in your home.

Requesting free mail order catalogs is easy - simply fill out the catalog request form below and select which free catalog is best for you. Once we receive your free catalog request we'll then send your catalog to the address you provided.

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Our Free Catalogs Are All About You

Each year we've introduced a variety of new products through our free mail order catalogs, yet our purpose has remained the same: we're dedicated to bringing you quality and unique finds at an affordable price. Discover a fun and functional range of kitchenware and housewares products right at your fingertips; we carry everything from bedspreads and comforters to bathroom safety aids.

Because of our free catalogs, Ginny's is a different company from other home goods and cooking stores. We know your life is busy; that's why we want to make shopping for kitchenware, functional furniture, and home health care products as easy as possible! We choose all of our products with you in mind. Whether you're looking for a soft set of bathroom towels, some colorful ceramic cookware sets, or traditional furniture to last for years, we're here to make shopping stress-free and fun.

Our free mail catalogs give you the comfort of shopping from home while also giving you a fun, up-close look at our new seasonal products. Request your free catalogs by mail today and start shopping in no time.