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Fun Road Trip Games for Everyone

These seven road trip car games will keep you sane during long car rides and family vacations. They’re easy to learn and fun for all ages!

Three women by a van at a gas station, with one putting air into a tire. Changing a Flat Tire: Yes, You Can Do It

Believe us, we get it: the idea of changing a flat tire on the side of the highway while cars whiz past at 65-miles-per-hour is…

Easy Stretches to Prevent Pain on Road Trips

Aching hamstrings. A throbbing back. Sore neck muscles. Every road tripper has felt the pain of sitting in one place for hours at a time.…

A mother, father, a boy and a girl packing the back of a van with drinks, a cooler and backpacks, ready for a road trip. The Essential Road Trip Packing List

The good news: experts are predicting that gas prices will be the cheapest in six years this summer. The better news: that means this is…