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Sliced Egg SandwichBy Ginny's TeamA quick twist on a typical breakfast sandwich. The ingredients are easy to prep ahead of time and refrigerate! Just heat one serving at a time, assemble, and enjoy!
Waffle Breakfast SandwichBy Ginny's TeamCombine all your favorite breakfast foods in one meal with a waffle breakfast sandwich! Waffles, eggs, cheese, and bacon make a surprisingly delicious combination when melted together under a broiler. The eggs, cheese, and bacon add a savory goodness, while the waffles and syrup round off the flavor with sweetness. A waffle breakfast sandwich is a great brunch choice for a lazy Saturday morning, so gather up the essentials and let's get cooking! Waffle Breakfast Sandwich recipe upgrade tip: For a creamy surprise, fry the eggs over-easy or sunny side up!
Baked Sandwiches for a CrowdBy Ginny's TeamWe all have had it happen one time or another. We need a recipe to feed a lot of people, and we need it now. Either a bunch of your kid's friends show up, or you have family drop by unexpectedly, and they are hungry. How can you be the best host or hostess ever if you don't have a quick, and tasty snack ready to go? Surely, you don't want to break the bank either! There is a great recipe perfect for occasions like these. We call it Sandwich Bake, but we have also seen something similar called "Funeral Sandwiches" (depressing, right?). A lot of times, we have lunch meat and cheese on hand. Grab a package or two of Hawaiian Rolls for the freezer next time you're at the store, and next time, you'll be ready!
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