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Eggless EggnogBy Ginny's TeamEggless eggnog isn't just a tongue-twister: it's a simple and delicious way to make creamy, homemade eggnog. Eggless eggnog is perfect for anyone with egg allergies, concerns about raw eggs, or those who just don't want to spend time separating eggs and waiting for them to chill in the refrigerator. That's right: instead of waiting for an hour for the eggnog to chill, this delicious drink can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Let the holiday fun begin!
Mulled Apple CiderBy Ginny's TeamKeep this mulled apple cider in the slow cooker during your next Christmas party or holiday dinner, and you'll be the host everyone is talking about! Cinnamon, allspice, and oranges combine for the perfect winter flavors, while brown sugar adds a sweet kick. The best part about this delicious mulled apple cider is its simplicity! Just throw everything in the slow cooker and get back to celebrating with loved ones or putting up holiday decorations.
Hot CocoaBy Ginny's TeamThis homemade hot cocoa recipe is perfect to put together for a last minute. Or, even better, to enjoy with family and friends around the Christmas tree.
Bacon Hazelnut Hot ChocolateBy Ginny's TeamWhile you may have never thought about adding bacon to your hot cocoa before, this bacon hazelnut hot chocolate recipe will have you thinking differently! Make this delectable drink in a slow cooker for an even, well-heated beverage made with silky sweet chocolate. Bacon adds a flavor that is both sweet, salty, savory, and a little bit caramelized at the same time. While you can serve chopped bacon on the side or use full pieces of bacon as a way to stir the hot chocolate, you'll actually only be using the bacon grease to make the drink itself. However, that grease is just enough to infuse the hot chocolate with a delicious hint of bacon. Hazelnut spread adds the final layer of flavor to this unique bacon hazelnut hot chocolate treat!
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