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Copywriter Chris’ Rice Krispie Treat CakeBy Ginny's TeamCelebrating everyone's birthday is a tradition we started when we first moved into the Ginny's House. On each special day, we all take a few minutes out of our special day to sing "Happy Birthday" to the co-worker of honor and share a birthday treat made by whoever had the last birthday. Yesterday was copywriter Chris' birthday and since Heidi had the last birthday, she made him a cake of one of his favorite treats. Rice Krispie Treats!
Football Cake PopsBy Ginny's TeamWe've caught the Cake Pop bug! They're not only delicious, but also cute and fun to make. Plus, it's a chance to unleash your creativity: the shape, color and design possibilities are endless. Since we're thinking about the Superbowl, we decided to make Football-themed cakes. Follow along to learn how to make them--but of course, feel free to personalize them to make them your very own!
Simple Pumpkin CheesecakeBy Ginny's TeamWhile pumpkin pie will always be one of our favorites, we've recently fallen in love with this simple pumpkin cheesecake. Creamy cheesecake and cozy pumpkin flavors make this the ultimate comfort food dessert. Since most of the time is hands-off, it only takes about 20 minutes of hands-on prep time. You can save time time by using a pre-made pie crust. If you have an extra fifteen minutes, though, a homemade graham cracker crust is always worth it!
Red Velvet CakeBy Ginny's TeamA red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is surprisingly easy to make from scratch! Our secret ingredients for this moist yet crumbly recipe? Applesauce, buttermilk, and vinegar! Buttermilk keeps the batter a little tangy and very creamy, which is perfect for a red velvet cake, while the applesauce also works to keep the cake moist. The vinegar activates the baking soda, which gives this cake a better texture; plus, the vinegar brightens the red color! Homemade cream cheese frosting pairs best with the rich taste of the cake, but you can also use vanilla or chocolate if you prefer. Friends and family will be obsessed with this red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting; there's no need to tell them how simple the recipe is!
Lamb CakeBy Ginny's TeamThis Easter, treat the whole family with a special lamb cake. Lamb cakes are a timeless Easter tradition that remind us of the treats our grandmothers used to make. With a lamb cake mold and a little patience, you can create an adorable cake that adults and kids alike will love! The most time-consuming part of this recipe is creating the shape of the cake itself and baking; for the batter, we recommend simply using a boxed pound cake mix from the grocery store. However, feel free to substitute your favorite pound cake recipe for the store-bought mix! The only requirement is that the cake is a pound cake. This is important because the cake must be dense, firm, and not too crumbly; you don't want your lamb cake falling to pieces when you're trying to frost it! Keep reading for our step-by-step process on how to create the perfect lamb in the kitchen.
Lucky Charm CupcakesBy Ginny's TeamPut your favorite sweet breakfast cereal to good use with Lucky Charm cupcakes! This simple recipe only needs yellow cake mix batter, a cup and a half of Lucky Charms marshmallows, and some of your favorite frosting. If you have kids coming over for St. Patrick's Day, put them to work dividing out the marshmallows from the rest of the cereal. It's a fun and easy activity that they'll love to do; plus, you'll love having the extra hands in the kitchen! Set out the Lucky Charm cupcakes at the end of your St. Patrick's Day meal for a dessert sure to put a smile on everyone's face.
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