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Comfort Food Casseroles

A red pot filled with a casserole and topped with four mashed potato ghosts with green pea eyes.

As the weather gets cooler, we’ve gathered together some recipes for easy comfort food casseroles. Whether you’re looking for a simple six ingredient recipe you can whip up on a weeknight, or the perfect filling brunch food, find your perfect fall casserole right here. Cold weather comfort food is a must when the temperature starts creeping downwards. A casserole is as much a fall accessory as sweaters, hot cocoa, and football. Plus, they’re usually easy to make since a perfect casserole usually just needs a handful of ingredients, a casserole dish, and some time baking in the oven. Find our favorite comfort food casseroles below, along with some tips for making the perfect casserole every time!

Tips for the Perfect Comfort Food Casseroles

  • Remove extra moisture. Pre-cooking frozen vegetables or draining meat can remove moisture that can make your casserole soggy.
  • Leave pasta a little al dente. Completely cooking pasta before adding it to a casserole can leave your casserole a little mushy. Shave a few minutes off your standard pasta cooking time for a perfectly-done casserole.
  • Be strategic when covering your casserole. Want a crispy crust on top? Leave the casserole uncovered while it bakes. Looking for something a little more moist? Cover it up to prevent that crispy top.
  • Make it ahead. Casseroles tend to taste best after they’ve spent some time in the fridge. Combine the contents of your casserole the night before and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Then just take it out the next day, bake it, and enjoy the deeper flavors.
  • Utilize those leftovers. The real purpose of a casserole is to utilize leftovers lying around the crisper drawer or freezer. Throw chicken, beef, veggies, all types of pasta and more in for delicious flavors.

Quick and Easy Tuna Casserole

tuna casserole blog feature

One of our favorite weeknight meals is this six ingredient, quick and easy tuna casserole. We love that this recipe only needs six standard supermarket ingredients: egg noodles, tuna in water, frozen peas and carrots, an onion, salsa con queso, and a can of cream of mushroom soup. The best part? It makes 8 servings, which means you can either feed a large group or have enough leftovers for several days of lunch. Make quick and easy tuna casserole on Sunday night for easy lunches through the week, or whip it up after a long day of work. It’s hands-off and delicious: two necessary attributes for true comfort food casseroles!

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Enchilada Casserole

enchilada casserole blog feature

Enchilada casserole is a great fall casserole that combines the best of two food worlds: spicy Mexican dinners and classic comfort food! It’s the perfect weeknight meal to serve to family, and can be made a few nights ahead of time if you’re having an especially busy week. Just cover it tightly in a casserole dish and throw it in the refrigerator for a couple of nights! Plus, the casserole makes for great leftovers. When you need to clean out the pantry, enchilada casserole is the perfect dish; chances are that you’ll have all the ingredients on hand already, from black beans to corn tortillas.

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Egg & Sausage Breakfast Casserole

egg and sausage breakfast casserole

Looking for some early morning, cold weather comfort food? This egg and sausage breakfast casserole combines the best of all our favorite ingredients. This casserole includes all the breakfast classics: pork sausage, mushrooms, eggs, shredded cheese, and even cottage cheese! Serve it topped with salsa if you’d like a little extra kick, or a simple fresh fruit salad on the side. If you’re using a 9×13″ pan, double this recipe and feed a crowd. This egg and sausage breakfast casserole will be everyone’s new favorite Sunday treat!

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Published on Sep 09 2016

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