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Corned Beef Hash

A black cast iron pan filled with fried Corned Beef Hash topped with two sunny-side-up eggs.

If you’re trying to use up leftovers from St. Patrick’s Day, look no further than corned beef hash! It’s an easy way to empty your freezer, fridge, and icebox of all your Patty Day essentials. Fried potatoes are a great way to transform the standard mashed potatoes of the holiday, while sautéing onion and bell pepper adds a healthy and delicious twist. We love the hearty and handy combination of cabbage and corned beef. It tastes great, and it gives new life to what would otherwise be boring leftovers! Corned beef hash is the perfect big breakfast to serve on the weekend; try it on the Friday or Saturday after St. Patrick’s Day when everyone is in a mood to relax.

Corned Beef Hash Ingredients

2 T. butter or bacon drippings
2 T. vegetable oil
4 med. potatoes, cooked & cubed
1 med. onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 red or green bell pepper
1 ½ c. cabbage, cooked & chopped
1 ½ – 2 c. corned beef, cubed
4 eggs, fried
salt & pepper, to taste
hot sauce (optional)

  1. In a cast iron skillet, heat the butter and oil over medium-high heat. Add the potatoes, and fry them until they start to turn brown and crispy. This should take about 3 minutes. Add the onions, garlic, and bell pepper. Sauté all the vegetables with the potatoes for about 4 to 5 more minutes.
  2. Reduce the heat to medium, and add the cabbage and the beef. Stir well. Cook for 10 more minutes until everything is heated through and crispy. Serve, topped with a fried egg, salt and pepper, and hot sauce.

Serves 4

Corned Beef Hash upgrade: For a twist on the typical plate of Corned Beef Hash, scramble the eggs instead of frying. Then, roll it all up in a tortilla for an easy to eat, festive option.


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Published on Mar 14 2016

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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