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Strawberry Ice Cream

Yields1 Serving

A white bowl filled with homemade strawberry ice cream, with a pink spoon and a fresh strawberry garnish.

 1 cup Fresh strawberries
 1 cup Whole milk
 ½ cup Whipping cream
 1 tbsp Sugar

Mash strawberries, then mix the remaining ingredients.


Store mixture in refridgetor and cool to 40 degrees F.


Put the freezer bowl in place and turn on the ice cream maker (so paddles are moving). Make sure to freeze the bowl for at least 8 hours prior to preparing your ice cream mixture. Place the bowl upright, in a plastic bag, near the back of the freezer (the coldest spot) for best results.


Add the refrigerated mixture. The ice cream maker will stop when soft ice cream is ready to serve, about 20-30 minutes.