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Mom’s Chinese Chicken Salad

Yields1 Serving

A square white plate filled with Chinese Chicken Salad with noodles and Mandarin oranges.

 4 Boneless chicken breasts, cooked, cooled, and shredded in small strips
 1 Medium head of cabbage or a bag of mixed salad greens or baby spinach leaves
 6 Green onions, chopped
 ¼ cup Sliced almonds
 1 Package oriental noodle soup
 ¼ cup Butter
 1 tbsp Sesame seeds
 1 Hard boiled egg
  cup Vegetable oil
  cup Sesame oil
 2 tbsp Soy sauce
 ¼ cup Rice vinegar
 ¼ cup Sugar

Break up the oriental noodles and brown them in butter. Add the sesame seeds and brown lightly. Sprinkle just a small amount of seasoning packet over the mixture and set aside.


Cut the cabbage into bite-size pieces. Add chicken. Sprinkle on onions, almonds, and noodle/sesame seed mixture.


Mix all the ingredients together for the dressing. Add the rest of the seasoning packet. Stir vigorously until sugar is dissolved. Pour over salad mixture and toss.


Submitted by: L. Stokes