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Macaroni and Cheese Casserole

Yields1 Serving

A red and white casserole dish filled with baked Macaroni and Cheese.

 3 Eggs
 2 Small cans of evaporated milk
 ½ Stick margarine, melted
 1 Small bag large elbow macaroni, cook as directed, drained and cold-water rinsed
 1 lb Ground beef (can substitute ground turkey or chicken), cooked and drained
 1 cup Monterey jack cheese, grated
 1 cup Cheddar cheese, grated
 2 Small cans black olives, drained
 1 Jar chopped pimentos
 8 Green onion, chopped
 Desired seasonings; salt, pepper, or seasoned salt (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.


In a small bowl, combine eggs, milk, and margarine. Mix well, set aside.


In a large bowl, combine cooked macaroni, meat and 1 cup of combined cheeses.


Add olives, pimentos and green onions.


Gradually, fold in egg mixture.


Layer in deep dish casserole pan, adding remaining cheese on top.


Bake uncovered for 20 minutes, then uncovered for an additional 10 minutes.