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Football Cake Pops

Yields48 Servings

We've caught the Cake Pop bug! They're not only delicious, but also cute and fun to make. Plus, it's a chance to unleash your creativity: the shape, color and design possibilities are endless. Since we're thinking about the Superbowl, we decided to make Football-themed cakes. Follow along to learn how to make them--but of course, feel free to personalize them to make them your very own!

Cake pops in the shape of footballs stuck in a field of green frosting.

Football Pops
 1 box of chocolate cake mix
 1 container of chocolate cake frosting
 almond bark
 1 bar of white chocolate
 candy sticks
 parchment paper
 1 small sandwich bag
Football Field Base
 1 half dome-shaped piece of craft foam
 1 bowl that fits the craft foam
 vanilla frosting
 green food coloring
 white chocolate (left over from the cake pops)
Football Cake Pops

First, make cake mix according to the directions on the box. Once it's baked and cooled, crumble cake in a bowl. Mix in the container of cake frosting.


Refrigerate or freeze your cake/frosting mix until firm. Once it can be shaped easily with your fingers, remove from refrigerator/freezer and roll into balls shaped like footballs (or anything you like).


Now it's time to insert the candy sticks into the cake. We recommend dipping the ends of the sticks in some melted almond bark--it prevents the pops from falling off the sticks. Melt a small amount of the almond bark, dip ends of candy sticks into it and insert into cake pops. Then, place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and freeze until firm.


Once they're hard, they're ready to dip in chocolate! Take them out of the freezer, cover your work surface with parchment paper and melt enough almond bark that you can easily dip the pops. Then, dip each pop into the melted almond bark and place it on the parchment paper to harden.


Now, to make them really look like footballs, they need white chocolate laces! Melt a small amount of white chocolate and place in small sandwich bag. Cut a small part of the corner off of the bag as if you were piping a cake. Then, draw your laces on with the white chocolate.

Football Field Base

Get a piece of craft foam in the shape of a half dome. Find a mixing bowl that it fits into. Wrap the foam in tinfoil and place it in the bowl.


Cover tinfoil with something green. We used white frosting colored green, but you can use Easter grass, tissue paper, etc. We drew some lines with leftover melted white chocolate.


Place end of candy stick in mixing bowl, and admire your work...then eat one (or two). Delicious!

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