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Crab Rangoon Recipe

Yields30 Servings

Laura, our customer service representative at the Ginny's House, shared her husband's Homemade Crab Rangoon recipe. We have used it a couple of different times to test deep fryers and convection ovens and they are always delicious. They're especially good with sweet and sour sauce. If you can't find a sweet and sour sauce you like, try warming up red pepper jelly for a great, simple substitute! This is one of Laura's family favorites. It's no longer an "ancient Chinese secret," you can now enjoy these any night of the week!

Close-up of fried Crab Rangoons.

 1 package (block) of philadelphia cream cheese
 1 package of immitation crab meat
 5 green onions (minced)
 1 package of won ton wrappers
 oil for deep frying

Mix cream cheese, crab meat and onions in a medium sized bowl.


Place a small dollop of mix in middle of won ton wrapper and pinch corners up to form a star type shape.


Deep fry until golden brown. This recipe will make approximately 30 crab rangoons.

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