Aroma Globe and Refills

Aroma Globe and Refills

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Clean and freshen stale air while adding pleasant fragrance AND relaxing, color-changing light! Just fill the Aroma Globe with tap water and plug it in—airborne impurities like dust, smoke, food and pet odors pass through the chamber and become trapped in the water. What emerges is water-washed, humidified, healthier air. Four-pack of refills available. Each sold separately.

Aroma Globe: Includes 3 bottles of scented oil: .32-oz. each Jasmine, Ocean Mist and Cherry Blossom. 24 fl. oz. capacity. 54" cord. 7" diam. x 7" h.

4-Pack Aroma Oil Refills: Aroma oils; (30-ml. each) of Orange, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Lavender.

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Aroma Globe

Aroma Globe


Save 26%



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