Prism Tabletop Aquarium and Replacement Filters

Prism Tabletop Aquarium and Replacement Filters


Perfect for a child's room, office or any small space, the Prism Tabletop Aquarium shows off the stunning beauty of your pet fish—and is so easy to keep up! Replacement filter cartridges sold separately.

Aquarium: Its crystal-clear, 2-gallon acrylic tank comes with a 7" l x 7 1/2" h overhead light (with 12 energy-efficient LEDs), a submersible pump (and tube) to keep water oxygenated and 2 filter cartridges to keep water clean. 9" l x 7" w x 10" h.

Set of 2 Replacement Filters: These easy-to-install replacement filters will keep your Prism Tabletop Aquarium water clear and clean. Carbon is released evenly throughout the length of the filter for efficient cleansing. For maximum filtration, change the cartridge once a month. Includes two plastic filters. 5 1/4" l x 2" w x 1/4" h.

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Prism Aquarium 2-Pack Replacement Filter




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