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Create a magical outdoor space with large plant pots and garden accents

Whether you have a big garden or simply a porch, make it look beautiful with large plant pots and other lawn accents. Set white-painted urns in a cluster on the top step of your porch, or add large plant pots in the middle of a flowerbed for a subtle yet lovely impact. Our unique planters add personality to any garden or patio space with rustic, vintage, or colorful designs. Add outdoor accents in large pot plants or among garden flowers to complete the look. With our Ginny's Credit plan, you can add visual interest and elegance to every corner of your yard and still stay on budget!

Choosing the Right Pots for Plants

When you’re trying to choose the right pots for plants, the most important factor to consider is size. Pots that are too small for the plants will constrict root growth and make it harder for the plant to thrive. However, if the pot is too big, you’ll have to spend more money on potting soil and may end up overwatering a small plant due to the large size of the plant pot. Take a look at the roots of the plant; if the roots are shallow but wide, pick a wide pot so the roots have a lot of room to spread out. If the roots are deep and wide, make sure there’s enough room in the pot for the roots to grow both ways. How can you tell? When the pot is empty, set the plant inside and see how much room the roots have on either side, and if the roots already seem close to the top of the pot. If there’s ample room, start filling the pot in with soil! If the roots seem to have nowhere to go, try a bigger pot. Additionally, remember that plants grow! You want a container that gives the plant a lot of room to get bigger, so always err on the side of “too big.”

Add Outdoor Accents

With our variety of outdoor accents, it’s easy to find the perfect look for your personality and backyard. Place statues among flowering plants; when friends and family tour your garden, they’ll spy sweet faces or lovely fountains. You can also set fountains on patio corners or in bare spots in the garden for visual interest. Hang wind chimes off the back porch or the front of your home, and remember to open your windows when it’s breezy to hear them ring!

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Showing Products 1 - 24 of 51  View All