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Vases & Urns

Glass vases to add some elegance to your home

Make your home unique with glass vases and charming urns. Discover the ways our decorative vases can create an interesting coffee table or an attention-grabbing centerpiece. We carry a collection of urns in both large and small sizes; choose one for a tabletop and another to set on the floor near your front door. Colorful glass vases are an excellent way to display real or artificial flowers. Keep them in every room of the house for simple and timeless beauty!

Tips for Decorative Vases

While filling a vase with flowers is always nice, there are many other ways to use decorative vases to make your home even more beautiful. A sculpture-like vase can easily stand on its own without any flowers. If you have a clear glass vase, try filling it with wine corks or stones for a twist on a classic design. Set floor vases in the corner of your living room or by your front door, and arrange tall branches and long grasses inside it for a look that works in every season. Looking for something a little more festive? Put twigs in a decorative vase, and then string lights around those twigs. At night, it will twinkle beautifully!

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