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Create an oasis of calm with indoor water fountains and outdoor water features

Get ready to relax to the soothing sounds of trickling water with our indoor water fountains and outdoor water features. Try an elegant planter fountain to turn your garden into a tranquil space. Or, add a smaller tabletop fountain in your living room or dining room. The gentle sounds of running water will make coffee or dessert even more peaceful and calming! Our indoor water fountains and water features range from whimsical to serene, so you’re sure to find the perfect fountain for your space.

Caring for Tabletop Fountains

With a little extra care, tabletop fountains can bring serenity to your home for years. Try to use distilled water in your tabletop fountain instead of regular tap water. Non-distilled water has minerals that can stain the fountain. Your indoor water fountain and pump should also be cleaned regularly; aim for once a month. Empty the fountain and wipe off the pump and the fountain with a soft cloth. This will get rid of any algae or other unwanted buildup. Using distilled water and cleaning your tabletop fountain once a month will ensure that your indoor water fountain will work properly for years to come!

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