A hand holding a black vacuum hose, cleaning the top of a white mattress.

Mattress Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to mattress cleaning, most people are at a loss. After all, you can’t put a mattress in the washer, and it’s so big that it’s a pain to even get off the bed. However, before you give up cleaning the mattress as a bad job, think of how frequently you use it. […]

A person in a green shirt poolside, using a hose to wash off a beige chair cushion.

How to Clean Outdoor Patio Cushions

When it comes to how to clean outdoor patio cushions, it can be difficult to know where to start. After all, you can’t just toss a patio cushion in the washing machine! But outdoor patio cushions tend to pick up a lot of stains and dirt, and can also get a little dingy while sitting in […]

Six people wearing green family reunion T-shirts grouped together, with one holding a selfie stick for a group photo.

Hosting the Perfect Family Reunion

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about hosting the perfect family reunion. Coordinating a fun family reunion can seem intimidating but with a little pre-planning and preparation, hosting the perfect event can be a breeze. It’s all about the right family reunion activities, picnic tips to keep food safe […]

Six people wearing green family reunion T-shirts grouped together, with one holding a selfie stick for a group photo.

Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

As summer gets closer, we’ve come up with a handful of tips for the perfect family photo. After all, late spring and summer is the season for family reunions and barbecues, and we all want to be able to appreciate moments spent with loved ones. What better way to remember a wonderful day than with a […]

A man, woman, and four children in yellow Family Reunion T-shirts, outside with a karaoke machine.

Family Reunion Activities

Come up with a list of fun family reunion activities and everyone, from old to young, will have a blast! These family reunion games are perfect for all ages and are a great way to break up the day. You only need a handful of basic household items to come up with a fun schedule […]

A smiling African-American family in red Family Reunion T-shirts, sitting at a picnic table filled with food.

Family Reunion Picnic Tips

Next time you gather with relatives, try a family reunion picnic! Eating outside eliminates the need to worry about finding enough space or cleaning up messes. Plus, on a beautiful summer day, it offers something for everyone; people can relax in the shade, play Frisbee or football, or take a brief walk after lunch! But, when it […]

Family Reunion Invitation Templates

Spread the word about this year’s big event with bright and welcoming  family reunion invitations. Invitations can be printed on thick card stock paper and filled out by hand. Family members will love getting an exciting piece of mail and having a reminder of the upcoming fun-filled day for their fridge! Print these templates to get […]

The lower portion of a barefoot African-American person holding one of the ankles.

Compression Sock Benefits

There are many compression sock benefits that can leave you feeling healthier, happier, and ready to face the day. Compression socks improve the blood flow in your legs, which leads to many health benefits. Plus, the right socks are also gorgeous and fun to wear. Discover patterns for every outfit so you can be stylish and […]

A blue round side table with an orange mug with lime dots placed on top, and a red storage ottoman.

Four Ways to Add Color to Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to add color to your home, try easy additions that add a pop of fun to any space. There’s no need to paint over an entire room or get a new set of furniture. Simply swap out a few key pieces in your living room or bedroom for maximum impact […]

A young girl with an older woman holding onto a pink and black walker with a zebra print supplies holder.

Choosing the Right Rollator

When it comes to choosing the right rollator for you or someone that you love, the number of choices can be overwhelming. What kind of material should it be made of–steel or aluminum? Why choose a rollator over a walker? And what style is right for you? We’ve outlined the most common models so that choosing […]