Three women by a van at a gas station, with one putting air into a tire.

Changing a Flat Tire: Yes, You Can Do It

Believe us, we get it: the idea of changing a flat tire on the side of the highway while cars whiz past at 65-miles-per-hour is terrifying. No one wants to get a flat tire, whether it’s on a road trip or just the commute to work. But we promise, you can change a tire, and […]

Easy Stretches to Prevent Pain on Road Trips

Aching hamstrings. A throbbing back. Sore neck muscles. Every road tripper has felt the pain of sitting in one place for hours at a time. The good news: your body doesn’t have to hurt! The addition of semi-frequent stops and easy stretches to travel plans will help your muscles stay loose and pain-free. We’ve combined […]

A photo of cars on an interstate highway taken from inside a vehicle's front window, on a road trip to Fort Bragg.

Fun Road Trip Games for Everyone

Let’s face it: road trips can get a little long. For adults and kids alike, sitting in the same seat for hours and hours is pretty boring. Luckily, there are some tried-and-true road trip car games that we always turn to when conversation descends into whining. (And we do mean tried-and-true: one of us at […]

A mother, father, a boy and a girl packing the back of a van with drinks, a cooler and backpacks, ready for a road trip.

The Essential Road Trip Packing List

The good news: experts are predicting that gas prices will be the cheapest in six years this summer. The better news: that means this is the perfect time to take a road trip to a vacation destination. And since the only restriction on packing for a road trip is how much you can fit in […]