Four Ways to Add Color to Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to add color to your home, try easy additions that add a pop of fun to any space. There’s no need to paint over an entire room or get a new set of furniture. Simply swap out a few key pieces in your living room or bedroom for maximum impact […]

Easy Bedroom Makeover

If you’re looking to update your sleeping space, try one of these ideas for an easy bedroom makeover! A bedroom should be calming, relaxing, and a peaceful retreat at the end of the day. If it’s cluttered or outdated, it can hard to feel peaceful as you’re trying to get to sleep! These easy bedroom […]

Try This Trend: Apple Kitchen Decor

Update the heart of your home with our collection of apple kitchen decor. The perfect mix of rustic country and trendy chic, apples are a great way to add a burst of personality to the kitchen. Apple kitchen decor can be anything: a pan set, a clock, a mat, or even utensil covers. We picked out […]

11 Painting Tips and Tricks

Before you start your next paint job, check out these ten painting tips and tricks. After all, painting can be an intimidating, but rewarding, process. What’s the best way to maintain your painting tools? What’s the best preparation strategy? How do you make the paint go on smoothly? Painting allows you to completely transform a […]

7 Must-Dos for a Perfect Christmas Tree

With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about a holiday staple: that perfect Christmas tree. While we all want a tree that makes our home look beautiful, decorating the “perfect” tree can be a daunting task. And from too-tall trees to broken lights, it seems like the problems can […]

Cozy DIY Fall Décor

When the weather gets cooler, we love finding ways to fill our home with easy fall decorations, even when we don’t have much extra time on our hands. This DIY fall décor can be made with things around the house, and will make your home look cozy and beautiful!  Acorn Mason Jar Have an oak […]

Easy Red, White, and Blue Mason Jars

We love this easy way to make red, white, and blue mason jars for the 4th of July—no paint or glue required for this DIY project! The craft uses rice and food coloring to make a festive and affordable decoration for a 4th of July party; plus, lemon scent is known to repel mosquitoes and […]