Genius Cleaning Tricks with Pantry Basics

If you have vinegar, olive oil, and dryer sheets in your pantry, you have the tools to try these genius cleaning tricks using just the pantry basics! Common household items are usually our best defense against stains, dirt, and mildew. There’s no need for expensive cleaning solution or bad-smelling chemicals when you have these cleaning tricks up your sleeve!

Use vinegar and olive oil to remove water rings


We told you–vinegar is our favorite tool for cleaning tricks! The next time a guest or child leaves a sweating glass of water on your coffee table, take care of the ring with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Use a soft cloth to rub the mixture with the wood grain, and then use a different cloth to shine it up.

Let your microwave clean itself with water and lemon juice


Have stubborn stains on your microwave walls? Don’t waste your time scrubbing them; simply fill a microwave-safe bowl with water and lemon juice and heat it up for five minutes. The sweet-smelling condensation will loosen stains on the microwave, making it easy to wipe down the microwave after it’s cooled down.

 Shine a faucet with used dryer sheets


Save the dryer sheet after your latest load of laundry and use it to buff up your metal faucets. Just like lint clings to the sheets in the dryer, dust and hair will cling to the dryer sheet as you run it over sink and shower faucets.

Fluff mildewing towels with vinegar


White vinegar may be the single most useful cleaning product in your home. If your towels have lost their bounce or smell like mildew, add a cup of white vinegar to your next load of laundry. Then, run a second cycle with hot water and a 1/2 cup of baking soda to wash out the vinegar smell. One more cycle and then the towels are ready to be dried!

Remove labels with orange essential oil

Avoid the frustration of slowly picking at a sticky label as you try to remove it from your new plate or appliance. Instead, pour a few drips of orange essential oil over the sticky price tag or large label, and simply peel the label off after the stickiness has been softened by the oil! Plus, the sweet smell is a big bonus too!


17 thoughts on “Genius Cleaning Tricks with Pantry Basics

  1. Use 1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar on the final rinse instead of fabric softener…will do the same thing as fabric softener will do to your clothes and towels…. This is awesome for our family since we cannot not stand strong smell of fabric softener tend to smell. No more headaches with strong smell… We can live again with order free items.

    Karen of Peoria, Illinois

    1. Hi Nell!
      We’ll work on putting together some tips for cleaning your household appliances like the stove and oven. Thanks for the suggestion, and stay tuned!

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