Family Friendly Recipes

Grandma June’s Homemade Sugar CookiesBy Ginny's TeamWho doesn't have a fond memory of a dish or treat their mother or grandmother always made? Family recipes are a way to carry traditions and memories on throughout the years. Celebrating special moments with family and friends over a cherished family recipe is what makes those memories last. Laura, the Ginny's Team Customer Service Liaison, shared a very special family recipe with us for our spring catalog! Enjoy!
Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin CookiesBy Ginny's TeamThese cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies may have just won the award of "the best oatmeal raisin cookies ever." What elevates these cookies above every other recipe? The pinch of cinnamon adds the perfect amount of spice to this classic cookie, and these cookies come out of the oven perfectly moist and chewy. Packed brown sugar is the perfect sweet touch to these cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies. Feel free to add another half cup of raisins if your heart (and tastebuds) desire! Insider raisin tip: soak raisins in water for ten minutes before mixing them into the dough, blotting well to dry them, for extra-plump raisins.
Gingerbread CookiesBy Ginny's TeamNo food says Christmas like gingerbread cookies, just like no feeling says the holidays like baking with family and friends. That's why we've come up with a recipe for gingerbread cookies that's easy to make with more than one person! While you can make these cookies by yourself, embrace the holiday spirit and invite the grandkids over, or even a friendly neighbor from across the street. You'll appreciate the extra set of hands when it's time to cut the dough into fun shapes, or when you're ready to frost the freshly baked gingerbread cookies. And - this recipe is easily halved (see the half-batch recipe below).
Peppermint CookiesBy Ginny's TeamIf Santa had a favorite dessert, he would probably choose these homemade peppermint cookies! Crushed peppermint candies make this sweet treat perfect for the Christmas season. Plus, preparation time is under 30 minutes so there's no endless waiting in the kitchen! We recommending crushing the peppermint candy by sealing the candy inside a plastic bag and then smashing the candies with a rolling pin or saucepan. Just remember: if you set out these peppermint cookies for Santa, don't forget to save some for yourself!
Cinnamon MacaroonsBy Ginny's TeamTreat yourself to something sweet with a little bit of spice: cinnamon macaroons! This six-ingredient recipe makes whipping up a batch of homemade cookies a breeze. Shredded coconut delivers a fun texture with a sweet kick, while a liberal shake of cinnamon adds the perfect amount of spice to the cookies. Unlike other cookies, your cinnamon macaroons shouldn't flatten out as they bake. They'll stay mounded, like little mountains, making them even more fun to eat! The hardest part about this recipe is separating the egg whites from the yolk, and we've got a handy tip for you: set a slotted spoon over a bowl, and crack the egg into it. The egg white will flow through the opening, leaving the yolk still on top of the spoon.
Monster CookiesBy Ginny's TeamClear out your pantry with a batch of monster cookies, so named because of their monstrously delicious ingredient list (at least, in our opinion). Consider this ingredient list as more of a guideline instead of a hard-and-fast requirement; the goal is to pack as much peanut butter-y, chocolate-y, oatmeal-y goodness as possible into a single cookie. Feel free to add peanut butter chocolate chips, nuts, and more. You'll want to use a hand or stand mixer to beat all the ingredients together unless, of course, you have inhumanly strong arm strength. Just be careful not to over-mix the ingredients. The monster cookies should be light, fluffy, and full of monstrous goodness!