Pumpkins, roadside stands & soup

On my drive to work every day, I pass by a lot of farms. Several of these farms have roadside stands, selling fresh produce like tomatoes, zucchini and corn during the summer. Now, they’re overflowing with gorgeous pumpkins and squash. I stopped by one of the stands to pick up a few for my family […]

Yard & Home Ideas for Fall

What are you doing to enjoy autumn and prepare for winter? Here in Wisconsin, we’re busy raking up leaves, carving pumpkins and enjoying the gorgeous, cooler weather! While those in warmer climates may not have to contend with piles of leaves and cold weather, there’s always something to do when the seasons change. Here are […]

10 (Free!) Ways to be Sweet this Sweetest Day

Tomorrow is Sweetest Day. While some think of it as a second Valentine’s Day, it was actually founded as a day to bring cheer to the less fortunate in your community. Today, it’s a great opportunity to take some time to show the people you love how much you care. Celebrate Sweetest Day by doing […]

4 Slow Cookers to Fit Any Budget (Plus a Recipe)

Fall weather is the perfect excuse to whip up a scrumptious meal in your slow cooker. Nothing says “comfort food” like coming home to a hot, ready-to-eat meal! I love my slow cooker–it helps me put healthy, inexpensive and delicious meals on the table no matter how busy I am. Which got me thinking: how […]