Tricks For Halloween Treats - Purchased snack cups with black marker drawings of Jack-o-Lantern and ghost faces.

Tricks for Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween! To celebrate our favorite spooky holiday, the Ginny’s team came up with clever Halloween treats that you can make in a pinch: jack-o-lantern mandarin oranges and ghost puddings and cheese sticks. All you need are a few easy-to-find grocery items and a black permanent marker. A couple helpful hints: Make sure to get […]

A red pot filled with a casserole and topped with four mashed potato ghosts with green pea eyes.

Ghost Potatoes

Celebrate Halloween with creamy and cute ghost potatoes. These adorable little treats are perfect for seasonal dinners or family Halloween parties. They’re a nutritious treat to offset all that trick-or-treat candy, but have just enough holiday spirit to make kids and adults smile. Our mashed potatoes recipe is nice and creamy, but you can feel […]

Pumpkin Carving Guide - Orange text on black background with 12 different lit Jack-o-Lanterns.

Pumpkin Carving Guide

Our pumpkin carving guide is here just in time for the best part of Halloween (after candy, of course): making jack-o-lanterns! Whether you’re artistic or prefer a simple triangle-eyes design, pumpkin carving is a great time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the season. Since pumpkins are coming into season and ready […]

Four lit Jack-o-Lanterns on a kitchen counter, including a haunted house and a skull and crossbones design.

Celebrating Halloween at the Ginny’s House

Happy Halloween! We love celebrating holidays at the Ginny’s House and finding different ways to be creative and spend time together. Today, we carved pumpkins!   Laura, our customer service specialist, loves pigs, so of course she carved a flying pig into her pumpkin.     We may not be the best pumpkin carvers, but […]

A pumpkin on a white plastic bag, with a green bowl, a knife, a scoop, and toothpicks.

Pumpkin Carving Tips and Ideas

Carving pumpkins takes many of us back to when our kids were little and the looks on their faces when they dug their hands into the pumpkin’s stringy insides for the first time. It also reminds us of the mess that pumpkin carving can leave behind. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for easy […]

A glowing Jack-o-Lantern in a traditional design.

Happy Halloween!

  Whether it be favorite treats or costumes, everyone has memories from their childhood Halloweens.  I thought I would wrap up Halloween 2011 by sharing a little bit about some memories from members of the Ginny’s Team. “My sisters, cousins and I would go trick-or-treating out in my grandparents’ neighborhood every year. It was mainly […]

Three large and three small lit Jack-o-Lanterns on a porch at night.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween can be so much fun…seeing all the kids in their costumes, eating candy with abandon, decorating, not to mention carving Jack O Lanterns. Check out these pumpkins that Christy, the Ginny’s art director, carved with her family! I love how they look at night all lit up and glowing. So festive! We hope you […]