A white lamb-shaped cake with fluffy white frosting, with a red ribbon around the neck and placed on green coconut grass.

Lamb Cake

This Easter, treat the whole family with a special lamb cake. Lamb cakes are a timeless Easter tradition that remind us of the treats our grandmothers used to make. With a lamb cake mold and a little patience, you can create an adorable cake that adults and kids alike will love! The most time-consuming part […]

Three Deviled Eggs in the shape of chicks popping out of a white egg, with carrot wings and beaks, and black olive eyes.

Deviled Chick Eggs

Have some fun this Easter with deviled chick eggs! These adorable snacks are perfect for any spring gathering, and look just as good as they taste. Plus, the ingredients are all simple to find and easy to use. A helpful hint: try boiling eggs with about an inch of water over them. Let them boil fully […]

A white plate with small pancakes arranged in the shape of a bunny, with a side of sliced strawberries.

Runaway Easter Bunny Pancakes

There’s no better way to celebrate spring than with Easter bunny pancakes. Kids and adults alike will love this adorable breakfast. With a tail made of whipped cream and coconut and feet made of banana and chocolate chips, Easter bunny pancakes taste as good as they look! Feel free to use homemade or store-bought pancake […]

A dozen white eggs in shells placed in a muffin pan that is on a rack in an oven.

Hard Bake Eggs in 30 Minutes

By: Cailey P., Ginny’s Marketing Manager Do you ever wonder “How to make the perfect hard-boiled egg” without babysitting a boiling pot of water for what seems like forever? The answer is – you don’t. Most things you read about making the perfect hard-boiled egg say something like “When the egg filled water starts to […]

A dozen eggs swirled with different colors, placed in a muffin pan.

Non-Toxic Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Tie Dying Easter eggs with your kids and grand kids sounds so difficult and stressful, especially thinking about having mugs full of dye sitting around. Someone always manages to spill a mug of dye, and something unintentionally gets dyed. Rest assured, there is an easier way. Try using whipped topping and food coloring this year! […]