Gingerbread House Decorating


The holidays are great for remembering traditions from your childhood.  As Christmas was approaching quickly, I heard a few of the Ginny’s Team members chatting about making gingerbread houses when they were little.  I thought it would be fun to take a nostalgic stroll back to elementary school and make gingerbread houses using milk cartons, frosting, graham crackers and lots of candy.  Check out some of the pictures from our trip down memory lane…

Bev decorating her gingerbread house
Bev's Gingerbread House Bev’s Gingerbread House
Lindsy’s Gingerbread House


Teresa’s Gingerbread House
Kristen decorating her gingerbread house
Kristen’s Gingerbread House
Christine’s gingerbread house
Brigitte’s gingerbread house
Jody decorating her gingerbread house
Jody’s gingerbread house

Do you remember decorating gingerbread houses as a kid?  Do you decorate gingerbread houses with your kids or grandkids? Share your story on our Facebook page,


Merry Christmas!



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