A holiday party table lit with white candles, a Christmas tree centerpiece, white dinnerware and champagne stemware.

How to Host a Fun Holiday Party

This December, we can’t wait to host a fun holiday party…and we’re sharing our favorite tips and stress-relieving ideas with you! Keep reading to discover great activities the whole family will enjoy, fun ways to get everyone in the holiday spirit, and tips for hosting a party without any of that holiday stress. Learning how to host […]

Close-up of a green and white mug of hot cocoa with floating mini marshmallows.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

This homemade hot cocoa recipe is perfect to put together for a last minute. Or, even better, to enjoy with family and friends around the Christmas tree. 3 c. sugar 2 1/4 c. 100% cocoa 1 T. salt milk for serving In a large bowl, whisk together the sugar, cocoa and salt. Store in an […]

A person's hand checking boxes with a red pencil on a Christmas To-Do List.

Last Minute Christmas Prep Guides

Less stress, more cheer! Our Christmas prep guides will help you survive the holidays. Just click each checklist to open in it’s own window for easy printing! Christmas Decorating Get in the Christmas spirit with these last minute Christmas decorating ideas. Looking to decorate the tree like a professional? Check out 7 Must-Dos for the Perfect […]

A clear glass bowl of Reindeer Food, next to a red plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

Experience the joy of Christmas with the kids this year with a magic reindeer food recipe. This super easy, three ingredient recipe isn’t for people–it’s for reindeer! You can tell the kids that the magic reindeer food recipe will help guide Santa’s reindeer to your house. Shake up a batch and sprinkle it in the yard […]

Two sugar cookies on a red check towel, baked with pieces of chopped peppermint candies.

Peppermint Cookies

If Santa had a favorite dessert, he would probably choose these homemade peppermint cookies! Crushed peppermint candies make this sweet treat perfect for the Christmas season. Plus, preparation time is under 30 minutes so there’s no endless waiting in the kitchen! We recommending crushing the peppermint candy by sealing the candy inside a plastic bag and […]

Close-up of a red mug filled with Mulled Apple Cider, with a lemon wedge and a cinnamon stick.

Mulled Apple Cider

Keep this mulled apple cider in the slow cooker during your next Christmas party or holiday dinner, and you’ll be the host everyone is talking about! Cinnamon, allspice, and oranges combine for the perfect winter flavors, while brown sugar adds a sweet kick. The best part about this delicious mulled apple cider is its simplicity! […]

Hands stirring a Skillet Breakfast in a red Ginny's brand electric skillet with a glass lid, and a plate of buttered toast.

Skillet Breakfast

If you’re cooking for a holiday crowd, try a skillet breakfast that will start everyone’s day on the right note. Since skillet breakfasts combine so many favorite foods, it’s sure to be an instant hit! Hash browns and sausage are hearty breakfast classics, and peppers add a healthy twist.  For extra ease while making this skillet […]

A white bowl filled with Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal with apple chunks, next to a glass of milk and two red apples.

Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats

Apple cinnamon steel cut oats are the perfect Christmas morning breakfast. After all, nobody wants to worry about frying, baking, or cooking on Christmas morning! Just add all the ingredients in the slow cooker on Christmas Eve and wake up the next day to a delicious breakfast with rich apple, raisin, and cinnamon flavors. Another […]

Three sweater knit stockings with tassels hung on a fireplace mantel, filled with wrapped presents.

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

‘Tis the season for Christmas cookies, crackling fires…and great stocking stuffer ideas! Make everyone on your list happy without breaking the bank. We found great stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, teenagers, and kids—and all for under $30! Great Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Men Make him laugh with this superhero apron. Who knows? Maybe if he […]

A white and red platter filled with decorated Gingerbread men, bells, and trees.

Make a Recipe Together: Gingerbread Cookies

No food says Christmas like gingerbread cookies, just like no feeling says the holidays like baking with family and friends. That’s why we’ve come up with a recipe for gingerbread cookies that’s easy to make with more than one person! While you can make these cookies by yourself, embrace the holiday spirit and invite the grandkids […]