Slow Cooker Hot Fudge Brownies

I adore my slow cooker. I use it all the time. Did you know you can make more than just a roast or soups and main dishes in a slow cooker? Like desserts! These Hot Fudge Brownies are so gooey and delicious. Don't mistake it for undercooked. The gooeyness comes from the cocoa mixture that gets poured over the top of the batter. It's divine. You can enjoy it as is, or top it with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.


1 box brownie mix
2 eggs
2Tbsp. oil
1/2 cup water
2/3 cup milk chocolate chips
1 cup brown sugar
4 Tbsp. baking cocoa
1 1/2 cup boiling water


Line a slow cooker with parchment paper, pressing all around the bottom. Leave some hanging up and over the sides. Spray with non stick cooking spray.

Mix together the brownie mix, eggs, oil and water in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.

Add in the chocolate chip and mix just to combine.

Pour into the slow cooker and spread smooth.

Add the brown sugar and baking cocoa to the boiling water. Whisk until dissolved. Pour over the brownie batter.

Cover and cook on low 3-4 hours until mostly set. The center will be still a little underdone. That's good, it is part of the hot fudge part of the brownie.

Cut or scoop onto plates or serving bowls and serve. Top with vanilla ice cream if desired or just dust with powdered sugar.

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