A blue and green highway sign saying Welcome To Wisconsin.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Eight: Heading Home

We had such a wonderful time touring a few of the southern states, learned a lot about how the South is different from the Midwest, and met some really sweet and inspiring people. Whether we were able to meet you during the Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013, passed through your hometown, took a trip down a […]

A red and yellow sign featuring a red tomato, advertising Nashville Farmers' Market.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Seven

Our final day in the south was spent in Nashville, Tennessee. We had heard so many great things about the Nashville Farmer’s Market and had to see what all the hype was all about. Let’s just say, it was everything we had expected and so much more. There were fall decorations, fresh peaches, pumpkins, flowers, […]

Ginny, a brunette woman wearing a brown Ginny's T-shirt, with Susie, a brunette woman in a brown cardigan.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Meeting Susie

It was our privilege to meet with Susie, a Ginny’s customer and director of the Art Circle Library. Susie loves her job as the Library Director and developing new and exciting programs for the residents of Crossville. Susie also has a friend, Quackers, that helps her put on puppet shows for children each week. Thank […]

Ginny, a brunette woman in glasses, looking up into the leaves of a tree.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Six

In order to learn about the south, it helps to learn about the history as well as the people. We stopped in Crossville, Tennessee and toured the Homesteads Tower Museum. This water tower once held the offices were for the Homesteading project during the Great Depression.  We browsed the photos and artifacts and climbed all […]

Ginny, a brunette woman with glasses and wearing a brown Ginny's T-shirt, with a brunette woman in a silver shirt.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Meeting Claudine

The fourth customer we had the privilege of meeting and visiting with was Claudine. She lives in the mountains and loves to decorate around her home on top of a mountain for Christmas. Neighbors and those passing through can spot her house from miles away. Claudine is active in her community and donates her famous […]

A woman peeking out from a cut-out of a hand-painted pig's face.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Five

One thing we realized while trekking through the southern states was that since the growing seasons are much longer than home, the farmer’s markets and nurseries are much more diverse and plentiful. Because of the cold and snow in Wisconsin, we can only grow and harvest crops in the spring and summer months (April through […]

A brindle dog with a red collar, on a cement porch with a green hose and potted plants.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Meeting Sneaky Joe (and Bill)

We couldn’t pass through North Carolina without stopping to see one of our customers and Facebook fans, Bill and his handsome dog, Sneaky Joe. Joe was a little camera shy at first, but we kept trying and were able to get a couple of good snap shots of him. He likes to climb trees, chase […]

Ginny and three road trip friends peeking out from a colorful hand-painted board of a cow, pig, farmer and his wife.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Four

Heading down Highway 73 in North Carolina, we found a  fun place called “Get Lost Corn Maze.”  But this isn’t just a 7.5 acre maze of corn. There is so much more to do. Besides the maze, there is a Gigantic Jumpy Pillow (similar to a trampoline), a place for picnics, a straw bale maze, […]

Ginny, a brunette woman wearing an orange Ginny's T-shirt, with Renee, a black woman in a green shirt.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Meeting Renee

On our way through North Carolina, we stopped to visit with Renee, a Ginny’s customer.   Renee loves being a grandmother and enjoys watching her great-granddaughter, Aleigha (LeLe). She also likes to cook for her family. One of her favorite things to make is Hot Water Bread, also known as Cracklin’ Bread. While visiting Renee, […]

Four women wearing different colors of Ginny's T-shirts, including Ginny, herself.

Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Three

Waking up in Florence, South Carolina, we wanted to get another good southern breakfast in before hitting the road. We decided on Shoney’s, an icon of the south. We went through the known routine of finding a table and browsing the menu.  Laura and Cailey decided to go with the beautiful spread that Shoney’s calls […]