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  1. I never ever leave complaints about anything … but this really got to me. I received a ginnys book saying i can order up to $400 worth of things after i made my order and planned to give my items as gifts they inform me 5 days later they are going to send me a letter stating why I could not receive my items … what aggravates ,e the most is they sent me this book 2 times and the second time i received it I figured why not it seems pretty legit so finally after reading 500 reviews and they were all one star reviews I am kind of happy I wasnt approved because I hate getting scammed! Thanks ginnys for having my hopes high now I feel uncomfortable I actually gave you guys my social security number but I will make sure I tell all of my aunts who plan on ordering from use during the holidays they will for sure never visit your website again!

  2. Hello, I recently received catalogs from your company and was encouraged to open an account which I sought to do. Due to an address discrepancy, no account was established, so I called customer service to clarify all matters. However, the customer really made matters a little uncomfortable for me.

    The young lady continuously talked over me and seemed to talk down in tone and context to me. I really felt as if she was seeking to express some underline intent as concerning the activities that transpired on my behave when I sought to open the pre- approved account online. She made references to other individuals and accounts that hold with partner company’s of your establishment.

    I would have relished the opportunity to client with Ginny’s, yet this young squander that for me. But thanks for reaching out unto me with your invitation and offer.

    Tyrone Cason

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