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Selecting the Right Fitness Shoe

When selecting the right fitness shoe, you might be overwhelmed by all the choices. Do you need arch support? Shock resistance? Extra padding? Lightweight mesh? We’ve gathered together some tricks and tips for selecting the right fitness shoe for your exercise habits, lifestyle, and future goals. After all, sneakers are often the most important piece … Continue reading Selecting the Right Fitness Shoe

compression sock benefits

Compression Sock Benefits

There are many compression sock benefits that can leave you feeling healthier, happier, and ready to face the day. Compression socks improve the blood flow in your legs, which leads to many health benefits. Plus, the right socks are also gorgeous and fun to wear. Discover patterns for every outfit so you can be stylish and … Continue reading Compression Sock Benefits

Choosing the Right Rollator

When it comes to choosing the right rollator for you or someone that you love, the number of choices can be overwhelming. What kind of material should it be made of–steel or aluminum? Why choose a rollator over a walker? And what style is right for you? We’ve outlined the most common models so that choosing … Continue reading Choosing the Right Rollator

Guide to Senior Care At Home

Lots of older adults want to stay in the comfort of their home or with family for as long as possible; that’s why we’ve created this guide to senior care at home. Whether you’re responsible for checking up on an elderly family member who’s living alone, or you’ve opened your home to them, it can be … Continue reading Guide to Senior Care At Home

5 Must-Have Supplies for Bathroom Safety

When it comes to bathroom safety, it can be hard to decide which products are necessary for a safe and secure home. After all, slipping and falling is all too easy in a wet bathroom! We’ve come up with a list of five must-have supplies for bathroom safety that will help your loved ones stay healthy and … Continue reading 5 Must-Have Supplies for Bathroom Safety

Five Tips for Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Falling can be a huge risk for the elderly: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every three older adults falls each year, and nearly 2 million go the hospital for fall-related injuries. Reducing the risk of falling can help older adults stay independent and healthy for a longer period of … Continue reading Five Tips for Preventing Falls in the Elderly

The Surprising Benefits of Walking

You might think you understand the benefits of walking: it’s low impact exercise, and it’s obviously better than just sitting in a chair all day. But some people believe that walking barely counts as exercise, and that it just can’t compete with high impact forms of exercise like running or biking. However, not all of … Continue reading The Surprising Benefits of Walking

How to Prevent and Treat Common Foot Problems

Common foot problems range from irritating to downright painful. After all, we put our feet through a lot every day. Think of the uncomfortable shoes, the hard pavement, and all the pressure they’re under as we walk, jump, and run to catch the bus. No wonder our feet are plagued with blisters, bunions, or even … Continue reading How to Prevent and Treat Common Foot Problems

Protecting You and Your Family from the Sun

  Now that summer is in full swing, I find myself lathering on sunscreen to protect myself from harmful rays.  But sometimes I wonder; “Is all of this hassle really worth it?” “What is truly recommended?”  After some research, I thought I would share what I learned with you! UVA/UVB rays and the UV Index: … Continue reading Protecting You and Your Family from the Sun

10 Tips for Better Sleep

It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. Have you made any? If you’ve made a health-related resolution like eating better or getting more exercise, consider another important aspect of health: sleep. Your sleep habits can impact all areas of your life, yet many people struggle to get the good sleep they need. Sometimes, … Continue reading 10 Tips for Better Sleep