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Comforter sets for sleeping in style

Give your bedroom a one-step makeover with our fun and stylish comforter sets. Find comforters that look more like artwork than quilts. We also carry comforter sets in personality-filled patterns. Our bed comforters are just as functional as they are stylish. Our warm bed sets will keep you cozy through the coldest nights! Whether you’re looking for classic stripes or something completely unique, you’ll find your new favorite bedding set here. And with our Ginny's Credit plan, upgrading your bedroom with a new comforter has never been easier!

How to Wash Comforters

Most bedroom comforters can be cleaned in a washing machine, but check the care label before washing just in case. Depending on the size of your laundry machine, you may have to take a trip to the laundromat if you have a king-sized comforter. Luckily, you only need to wash your comforter every few months! Use warm water and gentle laundry detergent. Avoid fabric softener, as it can make comforters less fluffy. We recommend drying the comforter in the sun if you can, but it can also be dried in the dryer on the coolest setting.

Have a stain? It’s important to treat stains as soon as possible so they don’t seep into the comforter bedding sets. Use a white paper towel to soak up as much of the stain as possible, and then pour some table salt onto the stain to soak up the liquid. After a few minutes, replace the table salt with a pre-treating stain remover and let it sit for the amount of time specified on the stain remover instructions. Then, just wash and dry the comforter as usual. Remember that if you use water to blot the stain, it needs to be cold! Hot water will set the stain deeper into the comforter. With these cleaning tips, your bed comforter can stay bright and clean for years!

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morocco comforter set


$39.99 - $69.99

bright paisley complete bedding set

$79.99 - $109.99

On orders by June 30th

More Colors Available

arietta complete bed set and accessories

$19.99 - $109.99

On orders by June 30th

gerbera complete bed set and accessories

Save up to 63%

$32.99 - $52.99

More Styles Available

jordanna mink comforter set and accessories

Save up to 55%

$22.99 - $43.99

ellington blue complete bedroom set

$24.99 - $119.99

More Colors Available

chester stripe complete bedroom set

$24.99 - $119.99

More Colors Available

macaw comforter set

Save up to 75%

$29.99 - $84.99

estate skirted comforter set

Save up to 70%

$38.99 - $59.99

peacock park comforter set and window treatments

Save up to 63%

$10.99 - $57.99

cancun comforter set  pillow and window treatments

Save up to 42%

$29.99 - $86.99

More Colors Available

deco chenille bedspread and shams

Save up to 50%

$12.99 - $59.99

More Colors Available

mariposa chenille bedding

Save up to 68%

$7.99 - $81.99

More Colors Available

Showing Products 1 - 24 of 78  View All