Slow Cookers & Roasters

Digital slow cookers and roaster ovens to make cooking effortless

There’s nothing quite like a slow cooker meal—just throw everything in, go to work, and come home to a delicious, flavorful meal. With our collection of digital and traditional slow cookers and roaster ovens, cooking has never been easier. Explore digital slow cookers as well as more traditional models. You can also choose between high-volume capacity cookers and smaller versions for just one or two people. Use a slow roaster when it’s time to make the perfect turkey. Find your perfect slow cooker with Ginny’s!

Digital Slow Cookers

Discover the perks of a digital slow cooker: they’re easy to program, easy to read, and automatically switch to the warm setting after the programmed amount of time. That way, there’s no danger of overcooking. They’re especially ideal for busy people. With a digital slow cooker, there’s no concern about not getting home in time. Our slow cookers come in a variety of sizes so that it’s easy to pick the best quart capacity for your lifestyle.

Slow Roasters and Electric Roasters

When it’s time to cook a turkey for a big meal, turn to Ginny’s for your slow roaster needs. Find a deep electric roaster that cooks food from the side for perfect moistness. Digital controls make sure the temperature stays precise and accurate through the whole roasting process. After you’ve tasted a juicy, slow roaster turkey, you’ll never go back to the big oven!

Slow Cooker Meals

Think slow cookers are just for stews? Explore outside the normal recipe book with some fun ideas from the Ginny’s Blog. Guest blogger Chrissy Taylor will show you how to make triple chocolate brownies. Amy Latta, another guest blogger, will give you a recipe for Homemade Crockpot Granola. Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Showing Products 1 - 15 of 15