Grills & Griddles

Electric griddles and outdoor cookers for pancakes, barbecues, and more

Make breakfast effortlessly, grill the perfect corn on the cob, and sear a legendary steak with our collection of electric griddles, outdoor cookers, and grills. Whether you love bacon, burgers, or beans, find the best appliances for your favorite foods with our wide selection. Discover indoor grills, stove top grills, and ideally sized griddles at affordable prices; or, look through our charcoal grills and smokers. Try a panini grill for a crispy, no-fuss sandwich within minutes. We also carry outdoor cookers that are wonderful for entertainers. You can still talk to your guests during backyard parties while tending a pot of chili or grilled chicken.

Electric Griddles

Pancakes, bacon, French toast, eggs—these are just a few favorites you can make with an electric griddle. And that’s just covering breakfast! Large griddles let you make more at once instead of being confined to a smaller pan. These stove top grills are great for feeding a family or a crowd, and for the days you don’t want to bother with the stove. With nonstick surfaces and easy adjustable temperature settings, this is cooking at its simplest.

Outdoor Cookers

On beautiful nights or during backyard gatherings, you don’t want to be stuck inside over a hot stove. Bring the pots and pans outside with our outdoor cookers. They act as another burner, but they’re propane-powered so you can cook on a patio or in the yard. Cast iron burners make clean up a breeze, and you can also use it to grill. It’s a great multi-purpose appliance!

Grills for Barbecues and More

Become the grill master of your own home with our collection of grills. Our indoor grills make delicious paninis, burgers, vegetables, and more. The hinges on our contact grills cut down cooking time. We also carry more traditional, open-air grills. Our smaller models can be stored in kitchens, garages, or pantries; no need to find lots of extra space. Barbecues and burgers have never been so fun or easy.

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Showing Products 1 - 15 of 15