Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

Kitchen utensils to make every cooking and baking task easier

When you cook with the proper tools, everything is easy. Vegetables and fruit can be chopped in half the time with the right slicers. Appropriately sized mixing bowls means flour and sugar won’t splatter the counter. High-quality strainers only let out water and not noodles or beans. Find kitchen utensils that work with our selection of measuring cups, colanders, and much more.

Cooking Utensils

Cooking can take a lot of effort; make your life a little simpler with our useful cooking utensils. A splatter shield will prevent boil-overs on the stove and keep hot grease from flying out of the pan. Our measuring cups and spoons are charming and easy to store, and all our cooking tools are durable and dishwasher safe.

Mixing Bowls

Find a mixing bowl that’s the right size for you with our bowl sets. We offer a variety of sizes so that there’s a bowl for every recipe. Choose seasonal designs or eye-popping colors, and pick between sets without lids and sets with lids for easy storage.

Pasta Strainer

You won’t lose any noodles down the drain with our pasta strainers. From over-the-sink strainers to brightly colored colanders, cook spaghetti or rinse strawberries without any fuss.

Kitchen Gadgets

Have a little fun in the kitchen with cool new gadgets that will instantly become kitchen must-haves. Try a can crusher to increase the space in your recycling container, or a rapid defrosting tray to cut defrosting time in half without batteries or electricity. Our retro egg beater has a stylish twist while still whipping perfect eggs and cream. We also carry a potato cutter for making homemade French fries. Find these and other fun kitchen gadgets with Ginny’s!

Kitchen Accents to Create an Apple Kitchen and More

Decorate the kitchen with your personality, or create a themed décor style that makes you smile. Apples, roosters, animal print, chalkboard message boards—find these and more in our kitchen accents section. Everyone will love the splash of fun!

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Showing Products 1 - 24 of 47  View All