Extend your shelf life with our shelving units

Make the most of your wall space with shelving units and storage racks. Whether you need a place for craft supplies or somewhere to display photos, find the perfect shelf storage solution here. Shelves make it effortless to organize by taking advantage of underutilized vertical space. Use a storage rack to get rid of clutter, or as a decorative statement piece. With Ginny’s Choose & Charge credit plan, it’s possible to get that extra shelf storage with a budget.

Storage Racks as Decorative Pieces

Shelves have many uses beyond simply serving as storage units. While you can use shelves for plates and bowls or craft supplies, they can also be wonderful decorative pieces. Use shelves as a space to display family heirlooms and photos. Or, pile colorful and eclectic objects on a shelf to create a pretty piece of wall art: try an assortment of pottery pieces or a variety of colored vases. For a country chic vibe, arrange a potted plant, an antique clock, and a few colored glass bottles. With shelving units, it’s easy to let your personality shine through!

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shelf headboard


$25.00 per month

4 tier curved shelf


$20.00 per month

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