Stay cool with sun umbrellas

Sun umbrellas are the easiest way to take a backyard from ordinary to extraordinary. Make your patio a true backyard getaway with a table umbrella. Nothing says “stay at home vacation” like an umbrella oasis! It provides relaxing relief from the sun while adding beach vibes to your home. Choose one in a favorite color, or find an umbrella with unique patterns for an eye-catching statement. Staying healthy and out of the sun is stylish and affordable with Ginny’s!

Perks of Patio Shade

A table umbrella does more than just accessorize your patio or backyard. Adding shade to outdoor entertaining space reduces the need to escape into the air conditioning on hot summer afternoons. After all, shady spots are several degrees cooler than areas in direct sunlight. Another perk? It’s an easy way to protect your skin from the sun without having to slather on sunscreen. Just stay in the shade of the sun umbrella! Finally, it offers opportunities to experiment with shade-loving plants. Don’t have many trees in the backyard? A patio umbrella is a great way to have bleeding hearts or white trillium potted plants that don’t thrive in direct sunlight.

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offset tilting umbrella 108


$20.00 per month

striped 3 seat swing 53




$20.00 per month

More Colors Available

6 pc  floral patio set


$25.00 per month

margaritaville chair   beach umbrella


Save up to 60%


More Colors Available

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