Let the light in with sheer valances

If your idea of a perfect weekend afternoon is lounging in your living room while sunlight filters through the curtains, then sheer valances are the perfect drapes for you. Sheer drapes and semi-sheer panels let in the perfect amount of light while also looking breezy and summery. Discover gorgeous lace curtains, unique patterns that can become the focal point of a room, and darker sheer valances for a slightly more dramatic yet airy look. Romantic sheer curtains are the perfect choice for living rooms that don’t require as much light to be blocked in the mornings. Choose between valances, curtain sets, or panels to find the best look for your home.

How to Clean Sheer Curtains

While sheer curtains can add glamour and romance to any room, it’s important to care for them correctly so they don’t end up looking dingy. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to keep your sheer curtains and valances looking bright and clean! First, prevent dust build up by regularly taking your sheer curtains outside to shake off dust and hair build-up. It can also be helpful to take a handheld vacuum or a hose attachment and run it over the curtains every few weeks. Semi-regular cleaning is also important; every few months, throw your curtains in the washing machine (making sure to check their care instructions in case they need to hand-washed) on the “cool” setting. Add a cap of mild laundry detergent and then, during the final rinse cycle, add fabric softener. Remove the curtains from the dryer before they’re fully dry and hang them on a clothesline to prevent wrinkles from forming. If you follow these steps, your curtains will stay clean and lovely for years!

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marley semi sheer panel


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Sheer Panel Pair


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Tango Panel With Attached Valance

$22.99 - $24.99

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haven panel

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Window Set Fairfield

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Tonal Stripe Sheer Window Treatments

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mia lace window treatments

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new rochelle window treatments

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contessa jacquard lace panel

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