Lawn equipment and garden tools for mowing, trimming, and growing

Maintain your lawn and garden with handy lawn equipment and home garden tools. Landscaping is made simple with electric tools, cultivators, and outdoor storage solutions. Brightly colored chair, grill, and table covers protect your outdoor furniture and equipment in rain or snow. Our selection of lawn mowers makes it easy to keep your yard under control. Try electric lawn equipment with one-button start and fuss-free maintenance; plus, our Ginny's Credit plan means you can mow your lawn without trimming your budget!

Landscaping Equipment

From lawn mowers to cultivators, find landscaping equipment that’s perfect for your yard and lifestyle. We carry a variety of electric equipment, such as mulchers, blowers, and trimmers. Electric lawn equipment starts with one push of a button so there’s no endless pulling, messy oil changes, or dangerous fumes. Whether you need a cultivator to prepare a new vegetable garden or a powerful lawn mower for any size yard, find the right type of landscaping equipment for you!

Easy Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips

While your lawn and garden can seem impossible to maintain, just a few simple steps can keep your flowers bright and your grass lush and green. For the garden, add mulch to flower beds; it helps the soil retain moisture, prevents the soil from eroding, and can reduce the amount of weeds. Remove rotting plants, dead leaves, and anything else that might be dying in your garden to prevent pests. Plus, picking off diseased leaves can sometimes reduce the risk of the disease spreading to the rest of the plant.

When it comes to lawn care, your grass doesn’t need much help to stay green and lush. Don’t stress out the grass; raise your mower to the highest possible notch so you’re mowing only about the top third of grass. This allows roots and seeds to flourish in the shade that the taller and healthier grass provides. If you need to water your lawn, water infrequently but deeply. Aim for once a week for a longer period of time, instead of more frequent but shallow watering. Finally, aim to fertilize your grass at least twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall. With these lawn and garden tips, your backyard will stay green and growing all summer long!

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10  x 20  canopy


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xhose pro extreme

$59.99 - $79.99

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Cordless String Trimmer


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Tractor Scoot


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Electric Cult A Till


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Storage Garage


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lawn sweeper 8


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18 corded electric mower


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17 cordless electric mower


$30.00 per month

skeetervac and tacktrap replacements


$21.99 - $129.99

3 in 1 20 inch electric mower


$25.00 per month

electric 18 chainsaw by sunjoe


$25.00 per month

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