Solar Accents

Solar outdoor lights for a fuss-free glow

Light up your yard without any fuss by using solar outdoor lights as garden accents! Our selection of solar powered lights guarantees that you’ll find the perfect light for your backyard or porch. Find antique and classic statues and lanterns, or add quirkiness and personality with solar lights shaped like animals. Solar outdoor lights don’t need outlets or wires to keep a glow, which means they’re fuss-free and won’t be a burden on your electricity bill! Simply set up your new statue, fountain, or garden accent in an area that gets a lot of sun, and watch the solar powered LED light go to work.

How do solar powered lights work?

A solar powered outdoor light runs on energy from the sun by using the simple AA or AAA rechargeable battery included in all our solar lights. During the day, the sun recharges the drained battery back to its full power. At night, when the sun goes down, the battery stops charging and instead starts giving off energy. This energy produces the light you see coming from your solar outdoor light. Dust and mud on the glass can prevent the battery from fully charging, so wipe off the solar lights regularly. With only a little maintenance, solar powered lights can last for years!

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Showing Products 1 - 24 of 28  View All