Wall Lamps & Sconces

Add texture to your home with wall lamps and sconces

Light up your home without sacrificing on space by using wall lamps and sconces. A wrought iron wall lamp gives walls an antique, rustic look. Look for scrolled accents and frosted glass to finish off the design! We also carry hanging lamps that seem more like pieces of art than simple wall fixtures. Discover trailing vines, stained glass flowers, and eye-catching designs for the perfect accent piece. Wall lamps act as functional wall art, leaving more space on tables for picture frames and books!

The Benefits of Wall Lighting

First and foremost, wall lighting is an excellent solution for dark hallways or long corridors in your home. Instead of taking up space with floor lamps or tables, simply attach a sconce to the wall for space-friendly lighting. Another useful area for hanging lamps? Install a wall lamp over prep space in the kitchen for extra light while you cut, chop, and dice. Finally, put a sconce near a small table or desk where you or a family member often does work; there’s no need to take up work room with a lamp when a sconce can provide just as much light!

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4 light strip vanity light


More Colors Available

millbridge 3 light vanity light


$20.00 per month

More Colors Available

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