Pet Care

Treat your pet like family with dog supplies, cat trees, and more

Your pet gives you love, comfort, and happiness; pay them back with dog supplies, cat trees, and pet beds. Discover fun toys, cute accessories, and adorable dog supplies that will keep them engaged and excited. Or, search through our wide array of unique and adorable pet beds. Looking for something to combat the pet hair on your floors? We carry pet vacuums that tackle hair, dirt, and dust from your furry friends. Provide them a comfortable home while keeping yours clean!

Unique Pet Beds

Give your pet a unique home with one of our pet beds. From crates that double as chic side tables to cool outdoor spaces made just for them, your pets will love their new homes and you’ll love how they fit into your home! There are many benefits to getting your pet their own pet bed. Dogs will love feeling a sense of ownership over their own space; they can keep favorite toys or blankets in the bed and curl up at the end of a long day. Cats will also enjoy having their own territory. Consider putting their bed on the top of a shelf or a cat tree so they can feel extra secure in their own pet bed.

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catville leopard loft


$10.00 per month

personalized furniture protector with bolster


More Colors Available

estate style portable pet gazebo


$25.00 per month

peace van dog bed


$20.00 per month

pet house side table


$25.00 per month

nfl mesh pet jersey


More Teams Available

cat playground


$20.00 per month

pet quilt rear seat protector


Save 25%


personalized dog lovers kit


Save 37%


More Colors Available

kitty sill deluxe


$10.00 per month

dog or cat pet toy gift set


More Styles Available

st  francis pet medal


Save 38%


ecogecko bug catcher


$10.00 per month

 75 acre insect trap by dynatrap


$25.00 per month

habitat  n home pet crate

$199.95 - $449.95

$30.00 per month

More Colors Available

powerglide pet vac by bissell



$25.00 per month

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