Floral & Planters

Enchanting plant pots and floral arrangements

Nothing makes a home feel alive and vibrant like plant pots and indoor flowers. We carry flower planters filled with realistic-looking artificial blooms, as well as empty plant pots waiting to be filled with your favorite flowers. Pretty silk flowers and lifelike succulents make greenery possible for everyone—even if you don’t have a green thumb! Try a flower wreath on your front door during the summer for a cheerful, flowery greeting. Our plant pots help gardeners create a perfect front porch display, or keep their flowers blooming all year long.

How to keep indoor plants in flower planters alive

Worried you can’t keep violets blooming in a plant pot past September? Winter can be a tough time for indoor plants in flower planters due to less natural light and drier air. Luckily, just a few simple tricks will help your plants stay happier and healthier.

First, check for yellowing leaves. This can be a sign of overwatering, and just means that you should wait to water again until the soil feels completely dry. If you find any leaves that are dying or already dead, cut them off to avoid spreading any rot to the rest of the plant. Finally, make sure to gently wipe the leaves with a dust cloth once a week to prevent dust from building up and clogging the pores of the plant. Dust prevents the plant from giving off water vapor, which is a process necessary to its health. With these guidelines, your indoor plants should thrive in their flower planters throughout the winter!

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Showing Products 1 - 24 of 69  View All